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The World

Agor – Birthplace of mankind, Agor is a large and diverse land that was once the seat of power for the Cardarian Empire.
Eberia – A wild land of primeval forests and expansive wetlands, Eberia has a strong connection to the Faerie.
The Ember Basin – A vast region of desert scrubland and drainage basins inhabited by feral nomads and bandits.
The Grynweald – A land of flat plains and gentle hills that give way to rugged highlands and steep mountains in the north.
The Witchlands – A mountainous land of seemingly endless pine forests, the Witchlands remain by and large unexplored.


Human – The most populous and diverse race, mankind once ruled the world under the banner of the Cardarian Empire.
Elf – Elves have a stronger connection to the Aether than other races. They are often perceived as enigmatic and detached.
Dwarf – Unable to channel Aether magic, Dwarves often prioritize material gains. They are seen as vulgar and irreligious.
Halfling – Rustic fisherfolk who live in isolated island communities off the coast of the Grynweald in the Sea of Pastures.

The Planes

The Faerie – A reflection of the world as it appeared in it’s verdant past.
The Doomlands – A desolate reflection of the world as it might appear in the future.
The Stone – The mythical birthplace of the Dwarven race said to exist at the core of the world.
Aether Space – A vast expanse of space that acts as a membrane separating the World from Hyperunranion.
Hyperuranion – A realm of pure thought. Anything that can exist, does exists here.


Aether Magic – Dangerous magic that draws power from Hyperuranion, turning the impossible into reality.
Stoneshaping – “Magic” that draws power from nature, manipulating energies already present in the world.


Timeline of the Cardarian Empire

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