Lord Athard the Immovable

Lord of Old Man's Crossing


Lord Athard the Immovable, Warden and Lord of Old Man’s Crossing is the uncle of King Theon I.

After the Fall of the Cardarian Empire, the Valley Lords of Conwyr sought to expand their territory into the still anarchic region of Galthydd. It was Lord Athard, not wanting to see his beloved river-lands under the control of sorcerers , who rallied a militia to ward off the attackers. With a rag-tag army of farmers and fishermen, bolstered by a handful of ex-Cardarian officers, Lord Athard successfully halted the invasion before it had begun by weathering the siege and defeating the main force of the Conwyric army at Old Man’s Crossing, one of the few crossing points of the Red River.

Lord Athard has ruled over Old Man’s Crossing for 30 years, and in those years has sired a dozen children.

The Valley Lords have not forgotten their defeat, and in recent years dark omens have predicted a return to war. Despite his age, Lord Athard stands firm, shield in hand, ready to repel any attacker foolish enough to challenge his control of the river crossing.

Lord Athard the Immovable

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